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Sweepstakes Summary. The Pear Sports #StatsForHats Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is sponsored by Pear Sports LLC (“Sponsor”). Individuals may win prizes by completing and sharing any 2 coached Pear workouts. Enter the Sweepstakes and become eligible to receive a Pear hat.


By entering or otherwise participating in this Sweepstakes, you agree to these Official Rules, which are a contract so read them carefully before entering.





 Eligibility. The Sweepstakes is open to anyone over the age of 13 who has the Pear App and an Instagram account.

 Entry Period. The Sweepstakes begins on February 9, 2015 and ends at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time on February 16, 2015.

 How To Enter. There is only one method of entry. A person who desires to enter must complete the following (“Entry Requirements”) during the Entry Period: (i) download two (2) coached Pear workouts on the Pear App, and (ii) complete the workouts and share the workouts on Instagram by tagging @PEARSports and hashtaging #StatsForHats. In order for an Instagram posting to be viewed and accepted by Sponsor, the entry must not be private. Any Instagram posting that is private will be disqualified.

Entries may not include material that (i) is sexually explicit, indecent, obscene, violent, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libelous, (ii) is derogatory or promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, (iii) invades the privacy or publicity rights of any person, living or deceased, (iv) is unlawful, (v) is harmful to other users of Instagram or Twitter, such as viruses, Trojan horses or other technologies that could adversely impact the Sweepstakes, (vi) is disparaging to Sponsor or is inconsistent with the positive images and goodwill to which Sponsor wishes to associate. Any entry that violates these Official Rules may be disqualified.

Selection of Winners. All entrants who properly complete the Entry Requirements will be Winners and will receive a prize.

Prizes and Delivery. The Winners will receive a Pear hat. Pear will notify the winners by posting on the winner’s social media account. In order to receive the prize, each winner must then notify the Sponsor by Direct Message on Instagram or an email to support@pearsports.com of the delivery address for the prize. Prizes will be delivered to the winners within two (2) weeks following receipt of the email with the winner’s address. A winner must send the delivery address email to the Sponsor within 30 days following delivery of the winner notification to social media, or the prize will be forfeited.

Publicity Release. Subject to applicable law, the winner irrevocably grants Sponsor the right and permission to use the name, likeness and the winners social media postings for advertising, promotional and or publicity purposes in connection with the Sweepstakes, in all forms of media and on and in connection with related products, services, advertising and promotional materials worldwide in perpetuity, without any obligation, notice or consideration except for the awarding of the prizes to the winner.

All entrants and winners agree that the Sponsor shall have no liability for any injury, misfortune, or damage to either persons or property incurred by entering, participating in, winning or losing the sweepstakes and/or by the acceptance, use, or non-use of any prize received in connection with this sweepstakes.

Protein and Patience

Nancy Anderson’s Keys to a Healthy 2015!

1. Eat Your Protein First! At holiday parties we always want to go for the carb filled, sugary, empty calories at first glance.  Instead of doing this, look for protein or a veggie option first.  Fill up on the best option available then treat yourself to the carb filled treats last.  If you have already satisfied your hunger with the good stuff (protein and veggies) then you will be less likely to over indulge in high calorie, high sugar, high carb holiday foods.

2. Wait 10 Minutes to Go Back for Seconds! After you have been to the  holiday spread table and finished your plate, don’t jump right up and head back for seconds.  Make yourself wait 10 full minutes.  Drink some water during that time, chat it up with the rest of your table and then after you have waited 10 minutes, if you’re still hungry then let yourself grab another serving.  Usually if you just wait it out a few minutes, and let your stomach catch up with your brain, you realize you’re actually not feeling hungry any more and voila! You just saved yourself hundreds of unneeded calories!

3. Get in Your Workout First! Before holiday events and even carrying this tradition into your New Years fitness routine, get your workout in first thing in the morning.  This way it can’t get pushed back throughout the day only to be never completed because you end up getting “too busy”  with work, family or holiday activities. Get up, workout, and remove that thought of “Man, I need to go workout still…” from lingering over your head all day. Get it in, get it done, and stay on track.

Nancy’s Favorite PEAR Workouts

1. Pre-Natal Fitness 1-Legs & Butt by Coach Nancy Anderson

2. Fast Finish 1 by Coach Matt Fitzgerald

3. Fat Blaster 1 by Coach Jenny Hadfield

4. Core Cardio 6-Pack by Coach Ben Greenfield 

5. Tread N Shred 1 by Nancy Anderson


Play Often, Play Early and Drink lots of Water

Eric Jackson’s tips on making it through the holidays!

Play Often, Play Early and Drink lots of Water

1. ALWAYS workout in the morning during the holidays, first thing, if you can, to avoid running out of time, or beginning some holiday celebrating before you get your workout in and it gets pushed back a day, or forever.

2.  Drink lots of water- carry it with you, if you don’t drink enough water and you drink alcohol, you’ll feel less motivated to workout and begin missing key workouts the next day.

3.  Eat and Be Merry, but a second desert, a second huge helping of food isn’t always needed to truly enjoy the holiday meals.     

4. Plan on outdoor games with your friends- Football, soccer, hiking, running as a group, etc..   have your friends bring over workout clothes and make it part of the fun.    Help everyone around you stay fit during the holidays and you’ll do it too.

Eric’s favorite PEAR workouts

1.  Freeformat Workout– I love using this while doing activities like Disc Golf, hiking, playing football, etc..

2.  Fat Off Muscle On by Eric Jackson– my favorite indoor workout.

3.  Power Kayak Mixer by Eric Jackson– for on water- love mixing the sprints with the endurance.

New Year, New You?


According to a recent Forbes article, half of Americans set a New Years Resolution, but did you know that of those who commit, 92% fail to reach their goals?

For the New Year, we asked our coaches to outline their favorite workouts for someone looking to not only hit reset on their current goals, but stick with them.  We compiled the results and are proud to present an amazing group of 10 workouts you’ll enjoy no matter where you’re at or what you enjoy doing!

If you’d like to hear from your favorite coach directly, be sure to check out their blog posts below as well for additional workouts and their own personal motivational tricks.

Kaylin Richardson – Variety, Realistic Goals and Yoga!

Robert Reames – The Big Four.

Matt Fitzgerald – Mind Games (With Yourself).

Jenny Hadfield – Just Do Something!

Andrew Kastor – Public Displays of Commitment.

Eric Jackson – Play Often and Play Early!

Nancy Anderson – Protein and Patience.

And don’t forget, for only a couple dollars a month, gain access to the world’s largest body of interactive audio-based workouts through PEAR+ and get the fun, the coaching and results to keep you on track the entire year!

Signing up for subscription:

  • From the app (in “My Workouts” or from the PEAR store), click on the subscription link
  • Select the “Monthly” or “Yearly” subscription option
  • When prompted for the iTunes account enter your regular account information

Public Displays of Commitment (PDC)

Andrew Kastor’s tips on sticking to your long-term training plan in 2015

Public Displays of Commitment

3 Tips for the New Year for the fitness/runner enthusiast.

1. Make sure all of your friends and family members know that you are training for the LA Marathon and what your specific goals are for March 15th.  Letting them know will make you accountable for your training.

2. Write down and post your fitness goal for the New Year and display it around your house, in your car,  at your work place or set a calendar reminds you on a daily basis WHY you are training for the marathon. Constant, “specific” reminders can lead to positive thinking. Examples: “I am a marathon finisher,” “I am a Boston Qualifier,” “I am a 4 hour marathoner.”

3. The night before a training run, set out your entire running wardrobe (shirt, shorts, jacket, socks, running shoes, hat, etc.).  By doing this, it will give you every reason to get out of bed in the morning for that run.

Andrew’s favorite PEAR workouts

1. Back to Basics by Kaylin Richardson

2. Fast Finish 3 by Matt Fitzgerald

3. Leg Stretches by Chelsea Gutmann

4. Train Smarter not Harder by Michelle Lovitt

5. Yoga 2 by Newton Campbell

Just Do Something!

Jenny Hadfield’s Favorite Training Tips for Getting Started in 2015

Just DO Something

1. Fifteen minutes is better than nothing.  If time is not on your side and it looks like you can’t get in your normal workout, take a 15-minute walk at work.  It’s amazing how much a little exercise can do to keep you moving forward and feeling centered.  Or if you have time for a workout, make it a shorter, but harder effort workout (like the Fat Blaster Workout).  You’ll boost your metabolism for hours post workout to burn more fat.

2. Breathe.  Stress is often caused by schedule overload, emotional situations and being with family.  When stress or triggers strike, be aware of how you’re feeling and focus on breathing deeply from your belly.  Taking one minute to breathe can lower your blood pressure and stress level.  Listen to the sound of your breath as it travels up and down your throat.  It will center you, calm you and bring you back to a peaceful state of mind.

3. Avoid being comfortably numb.  We all reach for things to numb ourselves during challenging times.  For me it’s sweets or comfort food, particularly if I’m sad or down and out.  It helps to be aware of your numbing devices and mindfully replace them with healthier options.  One of my changes is to enjoy a cup of tea at night instead of a numbing glass of wine or treat.

4. Take inventory.  If you feel the calories are getting out of control, stop, drop and take a toll.  Research has shown that keeping tabs on what you’re eating, even for a short period of time, can aid in becoming food aware, and become more mindful of our food choices.  Whether you’re on MyFitnessPal or writing it in a notebook, keeping track will make you more aware of your caloric intake and can inspire you to make healthy food choices.

5. Set yourself up for success.  Hydrate with water during the day and eat a meal including protein and some fat before heading to parties and dinners.  It will help keep you satiated and avoid overeating that creeps in when we go into parties hungry.

6. Progress not perfection.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey not a destination and at this time of the year it can feel more like running or walking an obstacle course.  Be mindful of the things you can control, set yourself up for success and be gentle on yourself when things don’t go perfectly.

Jenny’s favorite PEAR workouts

1. Fat Blaster Series by Jenny Hadfield 

2. Runner’s Strength 1.0 by Jenny Hadfield

3. Tempo 101 by Jenny Hadfield

4. Super Bike 20 by Robert Reames

5. Fab Abs 1 by Fit Chef Katy

Mind Games (with yourself!)

Matt Fitzgerald’s Tips for a healthy 2015


1. For runners and other athletes, this is the ideal time of year to reflect on the past racing season and look ahead to the next one. Think about aspects of your fitness that need improvement and how you might tweak your training to strengthen them. Then look for PEAR workouts that will support your new direction!

2. I encourage runners and other athletes to focus on strength training at this time of year. Building strength now will help you perform better and stay injury-free in the spring, when your focus has turned back to endurance training and racing.

3. Staying motivated to train outdoors can be difficult at this time of year. One of my favorite motivational tricks entails playing a little internal mind game. Instead of thinking about the daunting prospect of doing a normal, full-length workout on a cold or wet day, just tell yourself to get out the door and move for 10 minutes. That doesn’t seem so bad, does it? And more often than not, after 10 minutes outside you’ll decide that the thought of continuing doesn’t seem so bad either, and you’ll wind up doing a full workout.

Matt’s favorite PEAR workouts

1. Tempo Run 1 by Andrew and Deena Kastor

2. Accordion by Chris McCormack

3. Cardio Core 6-Pack by Ben Greenfield

4. Endurance Ride 6 by Matt Dixon

5. 80/20 Running 13.1 and 26.2 Peak Training Moderate Plan by Matt Fitzgerald

The Big Four

Robert Reames’s Tips and Workouts for a better you in 2015!

The Big Four

1.  Make a “realistic” plan when it comes to NY resolutions.  Some 80% of folks out there fail at NY resolutions every year….largely due to over reaching and poor unrealistic planning. Discuss and share your plan with your doc, a fitness pro and a trusted friend or family member that knows you in order to get the most out of your goals. Think in terms of weight “control” vs. just weight loss.

2.  Incorporate the RR “Big Four” for 2015:  time efficient results oriented EXERCISE, optimum NUTRITION, proper REST and optimum STRESS MANAGEMENT. It’s achieving personal best in these 4 aspects of all of our lives that will keep you at peak levels and maximize your overall weight control program. All 4 aspects work both independently and synergistically.

3.  Foam roll and stretch.  Think in terms of longevity in your fitness plan. These 2 endeavors will help you in recovery, maintenance and performance.

Robert’s favorite PEAR workouts

1. Stand Up Paddle Blast by Noelle Kozak– love the core work

2. Yoga 1 by Newton Campbell– de-stress for optimum weight control

3. Body Toning Bands by Robert Reames– SuperTone Fat-loss….straight forward total body strength training is essential for optimum weight control

4. Minute by Minute Blast by Robert Reames– great interval HIIT progression here

5. Interval Walk, Run, Climb by Robert Reames– another great interval HIIT progression

Variety, Realistic Goals and Yoga!

Kaylin Richardson’s 3 Tips and 5 Goals for a New Year and New You in 2015!

Variety, Realistic Goals and Yoga!

1. Variety is the spice of life.  Keep it spicy!!!  In the cold, dark winter months it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut workout wise. I get it, going to work before light and arriving home after the sun has set can suck your ambition to try something new, but fight the doldrums with fitness!  Go night skiing, sign up for ball room dancing, try a Pear coach you’ve never tried before– go sledding- it is not just for the young!  Doing new things and shaking it up a bit will spur a stream of new ideas and so on until you are trying new workouts and making new friends all winter long!

2. Taper into new habits.  New Year’s Resolutions are tough.  On one hand, I like it when people set their minds to something, but on the other hand, I feel this is a system built to fail. Cutting out everything you have been indulging in or jumping into a full-fledged training program in one night is a tall order.  Your mind has been programmed to expect carbs and sugar and liquor and leisure, and did I mention carbs?   As far as dieting and a new exercise regiment, I encourage you to taper to your resolution goal. If you try the cold turkey route, your chances of succumbing to cravings and apathy are great.  If you slowly adjust and say, by January 21st you want to be living that resolution, I feel your chances are much greater.

3. Drink water and do some yoga.  The holidays are joyously wonderful, but they can also be chaotically stressful.  If you are one that understands the latter, keep hydrating (it will keep your body going- trust me) and make some time for the zen.  Deep breathing and connecting with your body can do wonders.  Wonders.

Kaylin’s favorite PEAR workouts

1. Fab Abs 3 by Fit Chef Katy– so many workouts only work your upper abdominals, but this easy 8 minute workout focuses on those lower, equally important an often neglected stomach muscles. Not only do working these muscles help with stabilization and back health, it also zeroes in on where many carry a little extra weight.

2. Braveheart Bounce by Lesley Paterson– not only is the timing on point, Lesley’s voice has a lovely lilt that makes the tough sections somehow easier to grit your teeth through.

3. Ultimate Warmup by Kaylin Richardson– Warming up is so incredibly important.  Before every workout I go through these short progression of movements to get my muscles loose and mind focused, priming my body to perform.  Make sure to do the tutorial first to familiarize yourself with the warmup.

4. Sand Legs by Holly McPeak– Would you care for the legs of a beach volleyball player?  Yeah, you and me both.  This workout is all about power and agility (and the hopeful end result of a tight posterior)!

5. Fig Yoga 1 By Newton Campbell– People that have not tried yoga before think it is the lackadaisical, warm-and-fuzzy, snore fest.  HA!  This workout gets your muscles straining and stretching in all the right ways.

Workout Inspiration: Breast Cancer Survivor Completes Marathon

2014 has been quite the year for PEAR user Kathy. This year marked her 5th year as a breast cancer survivor, she finally got off her chemotherapy medication and was announced in remission, and she also crossed off a task that she had on her bucket list: complete a marathon before she turned 50. Using Matt Fitzgerald’s marathon training plan and the support of her family, namely her nephew, Zach, (who also trained with PEAR and used the same program from afar), they were able to accomplish this amazingly difficult test of drive, determination and athleticism…TOGETHER.  Kathy is truly an inspiration and workout inspiration. Here is her and her nephew’s story for us all to take in and use as motivation.

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